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Autumn & Winter 2017/2018


Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Bakery open Fridays

Bistro Open Friday & Saturday nights


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Artisan Bakery

Welcome to the Shrub & Grub Bakery. We are a local, quality-focused artisan bakery with excellent in-house baked breads, pastries and treats. The bakery has a very loyal following from neighbouring villages and from further away. Baked goods are simple and hearty taking bread baking back to the traditional style and nutrition.


We use the basic ingredients and allow time to create natural flavours and texture rather than force feeding extra ingredients that may increase speed or develop any flavour. We leave out the sugars, preservatives and other unhealthy additives to allow the bread to be whole-some and healthy.




Cafe & Deli


What used to be the Packing Room for the Bakery, a small, modern and quirky cafe sits overlooking an ancient meadow grazed by Lincolnshire red cattle and horses. With great fresh coffee, stunning leaf teas and indulgent pastries and scones available you can relax in the bakery environment and have a natter, or come along for the incredible focus on quality produce and good service.


The Deli offers lots of unique products that follow the ethos of eating well, both in quality and taste. From rapeseed oils through to soups, fresh meat, cheese, bread and lots lots more. The layout is modern with hidey holes for suprises and treats.


If you like quality, good flavours and great service 'The Packing Room Cafe & Deli' is open Wednesdsy, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8am - 4pm. & now... Sundays 10am - 3pm



Our Delivery service


We are out and about making deliveries generally South of the county, if you would like a delivery let us know, we do not charge for delivery as we are out delivering anyway. If you fancy 1 loaf or enough to cater a party we can deliver.


Look out for our vans, we have VW Transporter vans with our logo on so think of us as we drive around with the smell of freshly baked bread cooling in the back.




Where else can you find us?


We have supplied a huge variety of different outlets over the last year. We look at trying to help a like-minded business out by supplying our freshly baked goods for them to offer their customers or to attract new ones.

Currently you can find us in Stamford. On the high Street close to Marks & Spencers sits a discreet but fabulous destination called The Stamford Delicatessen. The shop is full of character supplied by Kelly and Mark with lots of fab offerings. Next time you're Stamford way, check them out!